It is always difficult to write something about yourself. Therefore I will skip this part :) Naah… I feel like I need to write at least a few words.

Let’s put typical description aside. I am old, but not that old, I am tall, but not that tall, I am heavy, but not that heavy :) All these things are formed in the shape of a person – Mariusz Krawczyk – and my nickname is Nexus (with many variations – Neksus, Nex, Neksusu, Neksiu). Those of you who are fans of science fiction (as I am) will recognize the source of the nick – my beloved, the one and only movie – Blade Runner. So I have revealed one of my areas of interest – science fiction. I process it in any existing form – books, movies, games, comic books, even cosmic music. I am also very much into the world of Gamedec created by Marcin Przybyłek, polish sf writer, who is (by strange twists of fate) also my friend. His series of books about Torkil Aymore is probably the best science fiction I have ever read. Well, actually it is :)

Looking up in the sky has a big influence on who you are… not only starry sky, but blue sky as well. And I do it since I can remember. I remember from my childhood silver aircrafts flying above my head from two airbases near my hometown: Dęblin and Radom. I believe this was a trigger to my endless love for aviation and for admiration to those who were sitting inside artificial born birds. The first signs of my main hobby shown up during Radom Airshow in 2002. This was the moment when I started to take photos of aircrafts, mostly on the static display. I really enjoyed it, but I had no knowledge about aviation photography at all. After that there was a long break until 2008 when I visited Berlin ILA Fairs. And it started again. From that moment I visited a lot of airshows and airbases, become fan of Tiger Meet, traveled to different countries just to see flying wonder created by human. I met a lot of fantastic people, who share the same love and I met my best friends now. Not to mention having a lot of fun during every meeting with them. And now you can see the result of all these trips – photos – frozen moments of what we see. Some perhaps good, some perhaps not, but every each of them is marked with emotions. My emotions. Enjoy!

A second before jump!

One step from the door of freefall dream :)

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